About us

The Tengani project is a large titanium resource in the extreme south of Malawi. The project area covers up to 70 square kilometres in the Tengani area, some 25 kilometres north of Nsanje. Nsanje is a river port which links Malawi to the coastal ports in central and northern Mozambique. Tengani is accessible from Blantyre (the major city) via a tarred road, stretches of which have recently been upgraded. Access to the deposit is easy as the area is relatively flat, being on the alluvial deposits adjacent to the fault bounded Shire River valley.

The exploration area was previously investigated by a number of companies including La Porte Titanium Ltd. in the 1960’s as companies widened their quest for new sources of titanium dioxide minerals. Several recent interventions have been made by CDI (Centre for the Development of Enterprise – a European Union Agency.) Much of their information is available today.  A more recent pitting programme of +/-140 pits was completed and a scoping study is underway. It is anticipated that the scoping study and new resource data will significantly add to the value of the project.

Crown Minerals, a Malawian registered company, under the leadership of the Magecha family, holds a Mining License over the core area and an Exclusive Prospecting License over the surrounding area. The project has been promoted for some years by Crown Minerals and assisted by geological and metallurgical consultants as well as independent laboratories and research companies.

To take the project forward Crown Minerals have established a new company in 2010, Tengani Titanium Mining Limited (TTM) which will focus specifically on the further evaluation of the Tengani project. In order to provide future finance for the project a number of new partners and directors have been appointed under the leadership of Tony Magecha, the Managing Director of TTM. It is hoped these appointments will provide additional experience in exploration, business development and corporate management.

This new TTM team is committed to achieving sustained and rapid growth of the Tengani project to fully evaluate the potential of this high grade heavy mineral deposit.